AP1358c Update to reflect CFC




You’re not the only one to notice… So… since none of us actually had a “RAFVR(T)” Commission - rather a RAFVR Commission - doesn’t this mean no one has actually had their reserve commission terminated? :rofl:


Any news on the facial hair fiasco? I heard rumours that it would be updated this month.


I am checking the ModNet page almost twice a day now, in prep for either elation or bitter disappointment. It’s become a slightly strange obsession at the minute. No joy as yet.


I am also obsessed. I will be overjoyed!


Had a town hall with DComOps the other week… he made a few jokes about it asking us not to ask questions about it…

I read that one of two ways…

  1. Nothing’s happening and he’s just stoking the rumour mill.

  2. It is happening but he isn’t happy about it and doesn’t want to be reminded of it…


I would like to believe it is the latter. :wink:


On a similar note, why isn’t the summer edition of Air Cadet out?


The lawyers said it was not fit for publication as it contained some untruths. Air Cadets go gliding.


One of our cadets went gliding. Thanks to the Fleet Air Arm




Why would DComOps be aware of Dress Regulations for RAFAC… That in in itself is worrying.

I doubt CAC has any idea what is happening with the production of this document, unless the CACWO is advising her


The change to facial hair isn’t just a RAFAC question it’s an RAF one.


Im under the impression its already happened in the RAF?


My other half is RAF & has been told facial hair will be allowed & it looks like it could be the end if the year. The reasoning behind it not being allowed stems back to gas masks & them being able to be close to the skin etc. Hence why they are looking to revise the order.


There I was thinking of the topic and CFC for 1358c :joy:




Back to topic-

I am tempted to ask again regarding this topic on the Ask the team page on Bader and maybe throw in the facial hair question whilst I’m there. :roll_eyes:


Go for it.

I’ve heard from a stick wielding folk that amendments are sat with one of the RWOs to upload…


2 weeks ago tomorrow hqac said it would be uploaded withib 2 weeks and still no sign…wonder if it will appear by close of play tomorrow