AP1358c Update to reflect CFC


Sadly, so many people think that it’s an “Americanism” that the RAF Editorial Style Guide actually discourages the use of the correct British ‘-ize’…

I roundly ignore that last line. Just because half the population doesn’t know British English is no reason to pander to them! :stuck_out_tongue:
Next they’ll be telling us that we can’t call it “Soccer” because they think that’s an Americanism too… :roll_eyes:


Which is an odd one, as JSP101 uses the -ize suffix.

But I like -ize, it’s a good way to trip up amateur pedants.


I’m going to have to go against @wdimagineer2b here - Air Cadet Organisation is a proper noun, and thus there is only one correct way to spell it. Given that the organization uses the -ise suffix, that is the only correct form.


Won’t you think of the topic


That may be so, but fortunately when AP 1358C is updated it will reflect that fact that the ACO doesn’t exist any more.


Quite, however the original point was about a version written when it was the ACO, and thus should have used the form.

Assuming that they remember, of course.

Anyway, the topic! What was it again?


I think you’re all missing the most important thing that this new update can bring…

_will we be allowed beards?!_


This is the topic. We’re just trying to keep it warm until some actual news appears.

Personally however, I think entropy might win.


Ahh something else that hasn’t been thought through or completed fully!!!
I presume that they are trying to wait for the next disaster and under the cover of bad news, release this?


I think the RAF are hanging on to it.
We can’t possibly release our up-to-date dress regs before they release theirs! :hushed:


Difference is that very few people in the RAF actually care about their dress regs.


Oh, there are some people who care far too much!


My brother had someone collar him a few months ago when they realised he hadn’t actually turned up in uniform for over a fortnight. :joy:


Probably more in the ATC.


One sergeant at Brize was apparently getting people to pull their jumper sleeves up to make sure that they weren’t wearing short-sleeve shirts :roll_eyes:


Almost as bad as checking the tops of peoples socks for tiny logos that you’d never see(!)


You might be surprised how often you can see logos on people’s socks.


Not recently I hope as I’m sure in the latest revision (that we can see on BADER) that you’re allowed to do that…

Edit: yup, see below from Feb 17 version 2.00

b. Short Sleeved shirt (Uniformed Adult Staff only - Not to be worn by Cadets). Only the Service issue short-sleeved wedgwood blue shirt is to be worn with No 2B SD. It is to be worn with creases pressed in on each sleeve running from the centre of the epaulette to the sleeve end. The short-sleeved shirt may be worn under a jersey with the mandatory addition of a tie.


Shhhhhh dont tell


so (almost) two months on from my last post when we were a few days away we’re now “two weeks away” waiting for photos…

(click the link for the latest)


Someone’s been onto the CACWO