AP1358c Update to reflect CFC


I’m not bothered until the dress regs tell me to change. Plus I’m not sure our test Sgt could give directions to the toilet in his own house let alone get us the TRF.


If/when the regs change, give us a shout and I will have mine produce some for you - I seem to be fortunate in that my TEST Sgt is one of the good ones.


Which Area are you in?


Moi? West.


Back on topic. Take it to pm


Agreed, beadwindow please on the off topic issue…




Roger, Out.




Seems we can expect to see the new update to AP1358c “in the next few days”… Source - Ask the Team

(or at least that was a week ago - anyone heard rumour since?)


Any more word on an update?


Don’t be silly! The Air Cadets can’t do anything in the timeframe given!


Ah yes - my brain evaded me there.


Still waiting then. I know it sounds crazy, but imagine if one day, the Air Cadets delivered something on time!


RAFAC deadlines - making British Rail look good!


At leat there is a good chance that the new one won’t spell ‘organisation’ incorrectly all the way through it!


It’s not incorrect…

“Organization” is the correct Oxford English spelling because the word has a Greek root, not a latin root.


I’m don’t use the silly British-American way of spelling it with a Z. I’m forever correcting my American chum when he messages me :joy:


wdimagineer2b is correct. You can’t blame the yanks for this one.



There is a belief that it is spelt with an ‘s’ in the UK and in the US with a ‘z’ .
In fact, while the US spelling is with a ‘z’ the UK preferred spelling is also with a ‘z’ and as an alternative with an ‘s’ if you follow the guidance from leading authoritative dictionaries.
This is true even in my 1972 Concise Oxford Dictionary.

taken from https://rapidbi.com/organisational-organizational/