AP1358c Update to reflect CFC


Do exactly the same with an ATC badge for everyone.


i’ll point at my rank slide which now clearly states which branch of the RAF I belong and respectfully direct him to 1358C - that is should i ever meet a SWO.

In all my time I have only met a Station SWO only because he was also the Regt WO and had to liaise regarding coordinating some dry weapons training in his Regt building.


Will a SWO have access to BADER and 1358C?


TEST Sgt gave me the purple one and told me to have the RAF TRF off quickstep.


Not our problem it’s his. Secondly not being in the RAF or Mill we dont answer to him


Strictly speaking if you are on his station then yes you do.


That’s nuts. Is he responsible for all the contractors on station as well then?


You’re wearing the uniform on the station he’s on, or are you impersonating a military serviceperson by wearing it?


pass - they will be asking why i have RAF Regt (looking) slides on my shoulders before they see a TRF i suspect!


No. I never impersonate a military service person. I am a cadet forces officer. Not military. Not serving. So yes if he came and told me something I would tell him (politely) to mind his own business.


When would you be wearing both rank slides on your shoulder and a TRF?


Would you be the same with the Station Commander?


It depends what he asked. But this is getting a bit off topic.


Clearly I won’t.
But either way I’d suspect a SWO to have great grievances with the size of my rank slide on my shoulder or otherwise than any TRF as from a distance the rank slide is more readily seen


Worth perhaps recalling that OC TEST and his Sgts are not in your CoC; your CoC is your Contingent Commander, your Head, and RF&C Division MOD, in that order. Everything else is a dotted line. Of course, if your Cont Comd has ordered you to then that’s another matter. As I said, I’m waiting for something in writing (and have been happily wearing the RAF TRF including on Summer Camp without complaint).


@tmm - same as that. In the absence of any written order, authority or instruction, I’ve continued to wear my RAF TRF without any adverse comments.

And I’ll continue to do so.


I’ll follow the dress regs, especially as I’ve not been issued the purple one yet.


big fan of following dress regs meself too.

I’ll wear a TRF when they issue it, together with the issued clobber to wear it on…


Me neither so I couldn’t wear it even if I wanted to!


@Bobthebuilder @Gunner If you were really that fussed I am sure a word in your TEST Sgts shell would produce them.