AP1358c Update to reflect CFC

  1. Shirt Design. The shirt design for use in No 3A dress is normally to be a ‘polo’ type with collar and is to only contain the following colour ranges and design motifs:
    a. RAFAC Brand Rules specification (Dark Blue (Pantone® 295), Light Blue (Pantone® 549), Maroon (Pantone® 195) and White (Pantone® White) (only dark or light blue can form the main body colour with maroon and white only used for seam piping, cuffing and small contrast panels).
    b. RAFAC Logos previously approved through the RAFAC Brand Rules on the left breast, sleeves and/or back panel (combinations are allowed but there must be a minimum of an RAFAC logo on the left breast or sleeve).
    c. Sqn or Formation insignia can be added to the sleeve or right breast but an RAFAC Logo is to be included on the left breast.
    d. A PT shirt can be worn when personnel are directly involved in appropriate sporting activities (e.g. tug of war, field gun completions, etc.) – the use of the PT shirt is to cease once the sports activity has completed. PT shirts are not scaled for issue at public expense


It’s not for camp, it’s for public duties.

Camp T-shirts can be (within reason) whatever style you want, as they shouldn’t be worn with uniform.


The question is how do you enforce it since its private purchase. Obviously encouraging Sqns going foward to plan future production based on the new regs but in the interim?


My first question is who has events where 3A would be employed?

Events we have which come close are No3 uniform which, if it gets hot we strip off outer layers until we get to a Squadron t-shirt.

Polo shirts would not be practical under No3 Shirts or jackets (and look worse than our current Sqn t-shirt) so would be only viable on the best summer days which is only one event for us and even then falling on a bank holiday and we all know how predictable the fine weather is on those occasions.

I guess going forward the “Supercamps” like Aerospace, D&C and RIAT will be better placed to provide a No3A polo as a “camp top” but I can’t see Squadron uptake being significant if at all…


Im guessing that its the Drill & Ceremonial camp that this is primarily aimed at, maby even RIAT?


which further indicates this is more a Supercamp form of dress than a Squadron expectation


All this talk about T Shirt or Polo shirt etc, what if the cadets cannot afford to pay for them? All very well those at HQAC ponitificating about this but those at the top are on a very nice salary thank you very much unlike the parents of some cadets in particular in the inner cities or even in the countryside. Is this why the organisation where I live has retreated from the inner city??


My Squadron has a few summer events where we are in the public face usually in MTP where this will allow us to advertise the squadron and RAFAC as well as being uniform across the board. usually when it gets hot we have cadets taking off their MTP shirts and have civi baseball caps on for protection from the sun. By using No 3a dress will will all look the same. I spoke to our civ com chairman this weekend about the option of getting the sqn to pay some of the cost as this is only something that we could do if everyone has a polo shirt. We also get a donation for helping at these events.

We do currently have a option for cadets and staff to by polo shirts from a local supplier but they are around about 15 pounds a shirt but it would be nice if we can get the cost down to say 5 or 10 pounds a polo shirt.


We currently buy our polo shirts in for £11.39 each inclusive of VAT, embroidery and delivery (with minimum order for delivery).

The squadron has decided that the cadets will pay £5.00 each for 1 polo and then full price for another.


We get our Polos at £10 a pop, Cadets get there first subsidised down to £5. If we had to add the RAFAC mandated extra embroidery to allow us to wear it as No3A you would be adding £5 to the cost of the shirt, that’s before you take into account the colour issue.

The problem is that HQAC have loooed at the corporate advertising of the Corps and not on the individual units. We have Squadron colours and that’s what we need on our public events.

A good idea badly implemented, could be the new RAFAC motto.


The intention seems that for these sort of PME activities where 3A would be appropriate, it would be a larger scale event with probably multiple units.

The regs do state that the polos are to be purchased from the activity budget as there is no official supply. I would imagine that some if not all Region HQs would want to see the design prior to approval to wear 3A.




[quote=“AlexCorbin, post:290, topic:4717”]
The question is how do you enforce it since its private purchase. [/quote]

Will a line in the sand be drawn, all purchases made after a particular date have to comply, or will instruction by for all polo shirts


I don’t think so, this appears to be very specific and aimed at Corps Canps like D&C.


Someone upload a PDF please


It’s accessible on SharePoint.
If you require access ask your training officer or OC.


I’m across the pond & can’t access sharepoint atm. That’s why


TL:DR: they’ve been through and changed the words so it says RAFAC everywhere, barrack shirts are now allowed, some rubbish about allowing the super camps to wear what they were already wearing anyway, which won’t affect real life in the slightest. A pointless paragraph about how cadets should already be wearing the badges they aren’t. And no beards.

Not worth the hype in the slightest.


or the two month delay from the indicated September date…


3A looks honking. That is all.