AP1358c Update to reflect CFC


I’m still learning the ways! @daws1159 @LeatherWorker :smirk:


We have SOME officers in the RAF one and some in the purple CCF one


So the CCF get their own badge, but the ATC continue with the mismatch!! All one big family!!:roll_eyes:


Like that’s going to make a difference … you’re on a charge you’re suspended, so what.


Moving the whole Organisation to the RAF would be the obvious way forward.


I thought that was the plan


Including cadets? No good for 17 y/o CCF cadets who WILL be mistaken for regulars.


An interesting one for those in 6FTS

  1. Wearing of Anodised VRT and RAFAC Insignia with Flying Clothing. The wearing of anodised VRT and RAFAC insignia with flying clothing has not been ratified because of FOD hazards, however this only applies within the aircraft and the threshold area of FOD. Insignia must be worn outside the threshold area at all times. Embroidered VRT rank slides must be worn at all times by RAVR(T) officers. Rank slides with embroidered RAF AIR CADETS must be worn by RAFAC officers and WO/SNCO.

At £10.35 a set, who’s going to pay for them?

If anyone has some they would like to donate, please drop me a pm. TVM


Why does nobody seem to be worrying about the big stuff… Like who the hell taught these people about version numbering? :stuck_out_tongue:


Appologies should of been clearer…for the staff


What will make them look like regulars the long hair or the general Scruffyness?

At the end of the day we all have either unique berets (ATC Cadets) unique TRF (CCF Cadets) or a standard TRF with unique Cadet sliders.


I would perhaps make two observations at this point:

  1. The other cadet forces don’t wear their parent service TRFs as they are not allowed (‘only for regular/reserve’) so have designed their own TRF. TRF problem solved.

  2. HQAC is the only Cadet HQ trying to make all their cadets and adults exist under one ‘brand’ (RAFAC) and the inevitable complications this causes when one solution doesn’t fit across the board.


Yes ACF I’ve worked with have always worn their parent regiments TRF.


Well they shouldn’t be and Cadets Branch at Regional Command have been pretty clear on that.


Yep everyone i know does


It’s one of those things like the “you must wear gilt pins on No5’s” which will just be ignored until the rules change.


On another note…

I find it funny that they have guidance on how us CIs should dress on a parade night. I always aim to be smart casual with my polo and jersey…but with skinny jeans! Under no circumstances am I wearing chinos😂

Edit- I’m aware that the guidance has always been there, it just still makes me chuckle.


So say for example a cadet is on camp and they wear a camp t shirt or polo I believe this is what’s mentioned while still wearing mtp/Dom trousers and boots


Yes I realise that, but it says that the colour and style must be approved!
That’s why I asked what ones they are approving?
The problem is that not everyone wants to wear duck egg blue and people will be paying for them. I’m sure Region HQs will love the workload of approving every Sqn, Camp and other shirts.
I’m thinking of submitting a request for a beige shirt, just to not rock the boat!!:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::grin:


Formation Flashes normally go on the other patch… just saying