AP1358c Update to reflect CFC


We now have a No 3a PME dress regulations but you have to have authorised by region to wear it. This would be useful for my squadron when we help out at horse trails.


In English? Haha.


Seems they haven’t updated the photos as still using ATC/VRT identifiers in most, if not all, relevant pictures.


see para 0149

The resulting changes to badging policy are described within the various chapters of AP1358C. Whereas the images may not yet have changed to reflect the new badging (such as those on page 38) the dimensions and intent are still correct.


we can wear No3 dress (Greens/PCS/MTP/CS95 - as you will) for “public events” and wear a civilian style top to do so. but it must be of a certain style and colour and only when authorised by Region




I plan to routinely ignore this, unless HQAC plan to pay for all my cadets and staff to create a new one.




That’s called poor project management and is endemic and SOP in the MOD, so as far as the well paid at HQAC and beyond are concerned it’s normal for projects to slide or just not work. Ref story about the Army’s online recruiting, no doubt lots of promotions, medals and huzzahs in the mess when they finished it, who are now either gone or out of the way.

I’ve been at project meetings and seen people managing get ripped off a strip by their manager if it has been allowed to slide, not only that our bonuses are linked to successfully completing our bits, so we make sure we do it. Our manager keeps asking us how things are going. if we’re involved, so he doesn’t get it in the neck. I would suggest this doesn’t happen within the MOD.


What are the stipulated colours and styles?


@Intruder May seem like a silly question, but I’m guessing I just ask the doctor for a note or letter? I’ll probably need to pay too?


Seem to think we have Officer Cadets still though.

  1. Officers. On initial appointment, officers and officer cadets of the RAFAC receive free-issues of certain clothing, with a one-off allowance payable to female officers for the purchase of tights/stockings. An annual allowance for the upkeep of scaled uniform items will be paid to all officers subject to them fulfilling>


Think how much you will save in razors though.


No new TRF so we have officers in RAF TAF and SNCOs in old SNCO one makes no sense


Or, you could just tell everyone who asks that you have a skin condition that precludes you from being clean shaven.

What are they going to do - put you on a charge?


Here here


Fair point, well made. Although, I do not want to upset the powers that be.


The thing is my skin is fine when I do not shave, but when I do, you’d think I’d turned 13 again.


You should give it a go, it’s a lot of fun!


It’s what most of us are on here for!!!:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: