AP1358c Update to reflect CFC


Is that like the sign that’s in one of the pubs I drink in, which says “free beer tomorrow”.


Shame HQAC aren’t dishing out free beer.


if they were, would you drink it?


You’d have to buy your own cup, though.


I’ll believe it when I see it…




Not had one of those in years. Actually no I lie, I bought about 40 of them on D&C. Fat bas…

Yes back on topic.


In other news, the cheque’s in the post.


Or I’m from HQAC/Council and I’m here to help you.


The problem is that no one is taking ownership of the ETA, we’re asking via the CFC Site, RC(N) harasses HQ and gets a response that he posts in good faith.

Really the document owner needs to be standing up and taking ownership and advising us accordingly rather than hiding behind RC(N).

Equally RC(N) needs to go and kick ass having been made to look a fool in front of the troops based on poor intel. Under Promise and Over Deliver


Still waiting…


Apparently it has now been sent to HQAC for issuing on Sharepoint (as of 10pm last night).

We may see it by the new year!


Siggh it appears today wont be the day


This is getting a bit ridiculous now…


Ive asked the question again


better watch out or your resignation will be winging its way to you


Been polite about it!


The question to ask RC(N) is why isn’t TG1 himself getting off his backside to answer the questions directly…


It’s not the system. Someone tells RC(N) something and he translates it into something for the plebs to read.


I think that’s being unkind to RC(N)
Of all the RCs he does seem to be the one to put his head above the parapet and try and get the answers answered and be approachable. Others though are quite willing to hide.