AP 818 Wheels


So does anyone know what the upcoming changes to wheels will be as 7th edition is conflicting with what we have been told to do instead i.e. less paces, no stepping short. I am finding it rather frustrating that we have been told to do something that isn’t yet out in print to the masses.


What are you talking about? 7th edition what exactly?


I’m guessing AP818 drill manual


I’d suggest that nothing will change until an amendment to AP818 appears, at which time we all find out.
Until amended, we should all do what the current version says, whether or not ATF think that teaching “current practice” is a valid method of promulgating changes.


Genuinely thought this thread was going to be about staff/cadets in wheelchairs doing drill.

How disappointing… only because its been suggested that i wheel myself up with the veterans this year in my chair!!!


How long have we been waiting for an amendment now?