Anyone know the dates for riat this year?

I’ve just been selected, but none of my staff have told me the dates and everyone that I’ve asked isn’t replying to my messages.

Extended camp or main camp? If the latter, its the 16th/17th/18th to the 23rd. North/SNI are the 16th, C&E/WW are the 17th and LaSER/SW are the 18th. That’s based on the warning order only, so may have changed since March. You’ve got over 2 weeks, so gives some time to get an answer!

You could also have just been selected for a day trip with the Wing/Sqn, so might just be there for one of the show days only?

@Cdtlvr it would be worth looking at Cadet Portal to see what you applied for and the SMS events should show you what you have been selected for.

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Ask your staff to go to the RIAT sub site on Bader and get the joining instructions from the important documents section. Make sure you get given the cadet version and not the staff version.