Anyone know if there is a form that a teacher can fill out for blue music

I am currently working on getting my blue music badge in guitar (self taught - so haven’t been graded properly before ) . I’ve read on cadet portal that you can get an expert witness like a teacher to confirm you can play . Does anyone know if there is a form they can fill out and give to my CI or OC ? I would ask my teacher to send them an email however I think they would be really informal and unhelpful or may just forget about it.

From what I know of/been told previously, there is no specific form, however a formal written testimony including the school letterhead, that is signed off by the teacher, including their contact information, should be sufficient.

I could be wrong though, but if not, I hope this helps : )

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ACTO 123 simply states “Expert Witness Testimony”.

Email to the Training Officer would be enough for me.

Sorry its a bit late, Im currently trying to do the same with another instrument, Ive been told I need to do a couple of performances infront of my Sqn at the grade standard, (so Grade 3 or above for Blue Badge). It would be a good idea to talk to your OC about it so they can tell you about the procedure. My Sqn doesnt have a band so it may differ if yours does, but this is only my knowledge.

Hope this helps!

the screenshot of the policy shared by @mprentice1 is all you need.

no need to be in a band or have formal music lessons or grading. If an “expert” can confirm you can play to Grade 3 then you are entitled to the badge.

No need to perform in front of the Squadron, no differences between instruments. if someone with the authority to know if you’ve reached a grade 3 standard says that is the level of your playing = badge is awarded