Anyone here applying for the RAF?


just wondering if anyone here is going to join the RAF one day since well, it is air cadets if so what occupation and why so. id love to hear from you


I’m going to apply for an FTRS position at HQAC - I think my application will sail through as I’m idle, out of my depth in light rain, I can dissemble with a smile, I know nothing of aircraft and am not just capable of breathtaking hypocrisy, but positively enjoy it.

Every single one of my previous Commanding Officers has given me an outstanding reference - solely to ensure that I’m out of their hair as quickly and as completely as possible.

When I joined the cadets - aged 13 in the mid-80’s - I wanted to fly Tornado’s, but the wider, fantastic, experience I had in the ATC, everything from shooting, AT, DofE, Germany camps with blank and pyro, even the flying and gliding, taught me that I should join the Army, because above all else, I wanted to be a proper Officer… :wink:


What are you like on Social Media? An essential for any of our FTRS ubermensch.


Or we could leave this thread as a discussion about joining the RAF, and not Yet another Bash RAFAC HQ thread . . .


Hear hear. Let’s save the pessimism, cynicism, and old world moans and grumbles for another thread.


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I wanted the join the RAF. They didnt want me. I moved on. Eventually.

I would advise anybody to think long and hard about why they want the RAF. Dont pin your hopes and dreams on it. Always have a backup plan. Dont rule out the other services. Especially the RN who - for some reason - rarely get a look in for many young people!!

Oh. And dont think a Level 3 in BTEC uniformed public services makes you immediately employable by any of the uniformed public services!!!


I applied for a University Bursary just after SDSR 2010 for Logistics Officer.

I was deemed permanently unfit for all trades based on a medical chit I filled in (Hayfever with wheeze)

I now have a great job an career prospects and continue to get my service fix as a CFAV and haven’t looked back.


I did join. Didn’t work out long term due to unexpected illness, but loved every second of my brief time there.

Had a couple of years off from all forms of uniform, then came back to this. Illness had cleared up so wanted to go reserves, but the history was enough for a permanent no, unfortunately.


I did my ML with 2 college teachers who ran a public services course. They both said there were about 20% of people who pass apply to a uniformed service and about 10% who actually get in.

They said a lot of parents make the kids do it to try and push them into something and it makes them resent it. Which in turns puts off the AFCOs etc because they get a lot of dross coming through the door with it.


Thats far higher than the progression at our local colleges. Ours hit 5% success within 3 years of leaving college. Most applicants are screened out by the medical early doors.

Of those 5% who are in, lots are on Level 2 and 3 apprenticeship schemes learning actual trades inside.