Anyone else lost the archive?

Is anyone else faced with a notice asking if they’d like to create the page if they click on ‘Archive’? Or is it just me?

Me too

Good spot, my fault!

It’s part of the beta test that’s going on - I’ll try to fix it :wink:

All fixed - hopefully!



Just gets a 404 error now.

Hi, yes it’s down whilst I investigate upgrade options for ACC.

The old forum software is way out of date, therefore a security risk. The current site software is also a little out of date.

The site itself won’t change, but the underlying software needs updating.

Whilst the testing is ongoing the archive will be unavailable.

Sorry for the inconvenience but our safety is more important I think!



Still down, following the upgrade. Unless it’s just me (currently using SeaMonkey on a diskless Linux mini-distro, so it might be)


should be back up now wilf - manual login is required if needed, but shouldn’t be.

Hopefully, one day, we can remove the archive???