Anybody got AP1358 Chapter 8


Just a request for help, the RAF used to have AP1358 on their website but since the new website launch they appear to have disappeared. I note that in the drive section here are several chapters, but not this one, does any one have, are the able to upload to the drive able to send a copy.

Yours hopefully



Whats in Ch8?


The cadet version AP1358C only goes up to Chapter 7


I’m pretty sure they know that.

Chapter 8 is “ORDERS, DECORATIONS AND MEDALS”, which is useful but goes into detail that is generally not necessary for us. We should probably have at least a minimal version in 'C


As posted above, Order Decorations & Medals, contains detailed guidance on methods of wear, mounting etc. it is a useful point of reference which I inadvertently forgot to save a copy of.