Any SCUBA Divers around? - Dive Computers

Don’t suppose we’ve got any SCUBA divers in the house?

I’m finally looking to get a Dive computer and after some recommendations.

Not fussed about the size, but would like it to cater for Nitrox (on the qual list) and free diving.


Ive had my trusty Suunto Vyper for almost 7yrs now, i see that model isnt made anymore, it now called the Vyper Novo

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Looks like that ticks all the boxes. Will have a look at some reviews. Cheers

I forgot to add being able to add air integration later down the line would be nice. If I ever get my own set of regs etc.

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Also the Zoop (formally known as the Gekko) was the base model… same features with the exception of integrated air.

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Looks like the Zoop has been discontinued

Ahhh… shows you how long its been :pensive: thats another hobby i’ve gotta get back into

I’m only just getting back into it myself. Funny how quickly everything came flooding back

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Lol, flooding… Scuba Diving… Nice one :wink::joy:

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I’ve got Suunto Vypers for both my son and I.

They’re pretty much bombproof. Once set up, all you really need remember is to remember to wear it whilst diving!

It has virtually the same features as the Zoop - except a) it has an illuminated screen, b) it can be hooked up to a PC and c) looks more cool than the Zoop!

I can’t remember if the Zoop allows you to select Nitrox. Vyper does.

Vypers also have a user changeable battery (not a common feature amongst dive computers).

Vyper Air allows Air integration - but, you should only try on this feature as a guide, and not take it as an alternative to checking manual gauges - the Air sensor / transmitters aren’t 100% reliable.

Vyper Air from memory also has a bill in compass - but is equally unreliable…!

If you want to go more flashy, start looking at the Suunto Dive Watches such as the D6 etc…,

If you’re not already a member, there’s a great FB group called Diving for Divers and another called UK Scuba Stuff for Sale.

As with all kit - it’s what is most appropriate to your needs now and in the short to medium future that will be most useful - along with simplicity of use.

Be real with yourself - are you REALLY likely to try technical diving - beyond 40m with multi gases and / or deco stops… and or re-breathers… if any of those apply, then you’re going to need something a bit more hard core.

If you’re sticking with recreational diving within 40m, a Vyper will almost certainly do you fine.

Lastly - Suunto offer a pretty amazing aftercare service. I had a second hand one die on me (caused by previous owner)- and they exchanged it at cost - not retail!

I think a new Vyper is still around £300 - but good second hand ones regularly appear for about £100.

A replacement battery, o ring, grease and locking ring, can be found on eBay for about £6-8.

(Ooh - one last suggestion… attach a wrist cord through the holes of the rubber strap. If in the unlikely event you catch the strap of your computer on something and it breaks, the cord will stop it from sinking out of reach!)


Yeah it’s just one of those “nice to have features” obv doesn’t replace having a proper gauge.

This is going to me to a tee pretty much, Wreck diving is probably about as technical I’m going to get for quite some time.

I was looking at some reviews of the the Vyper and it does indeed look like it suits everything I need, one to add to the Christmas list.

Thanks @Dad2james and @Victor_Zulu

Always nice to have brand new - but frankly, there’s not a lot that can go wrong to stuff up a Vyper. The main issue is “the bubble” can go. This is the bit that detects the changes in pressure and makes the gauge work.

Typically, a computer with a lowish number of dives should be safe. But there is the old saying “buy cheap, buy twice!”

On the other hand - there’s lots to support why Vypers are the preferred choice for Dive Schools…

On a side note…

(Sod the RM… lets organise a dive trip… can you imagine the risk assessments…!!)


I’m sure it could be listed as the Risk Mitigation for some water sport activities lol,
paging @redowling

However yes, I don’t fancy writing a RA for that

No more complex than any other adventure sport RA! There are some hazards…and stuff you do to mitigate them.

I can’t recall the current policy on diving tbh to remember what you can/can’t do.

I thought it was similar to the current state of parachuting, where you can only do it at places that have been certified, and no where has…


There you go then, never-mind I’ll have to enjoy it as a non-cadet activity… such a shame

It was slightly in jest, suggesting using Divers as rescue when you’re out SUP’ing

That’s what I thought but I also remember something vague from the last AT panel meeting about try dives being allowed with appropriately qualified staff. Very hazy memory though and I don’t get any requests to do it so no need to look it up.

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That would make sense, so it can’t be right!

Jokes aside, if that is the case, then they need to update ACP 300.

But… we are attached to a giant floaty thing :smile:

You could just swim around on the surface with all your diving gubbins on :smiley:

lol, that’s called Snorkelling. slightly different :slight_smile:
Still fun though

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