Any regular or occasional gamers here?

What kinda stuff are you into? Anything in particular that you play or work on regularly?

Arma3, DCS World mostly.

I’ve just packed away my Honeycombe Alpha Yoke and Bravo Throttle console and my pedals as I haven’t been using them :frowning:

I’m into Flight Sim using P3D. I pass the time with Train Sim but after an hour or so I get bored and try a bit of Farming Sim. PC ain’t the best so kinda limited to what I can play before FPS is more like a PowerPoint presentation.

I’ll DM my address and pay postage haha

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A fellow simmer, I see. I’m also into Flight Sim and I used to play Train Sim as well (haven’t touched it for some time tho). I ain’t got a PC with three-digit FPS but I’d say an Xbox Series X is more than adequate

I used to have a joystick and throttle quadrant with rudder pedals as well - they got packed away some time ago after I switched to MSFS from X-Plane

I’ve heard about DCS World…what exactly is it?

If you have a fairly decent gaming pc and you like flying, then this is a must! It’s free and has a couple of aircraft that come with it. But obviously, the better aircraft are payware.

laughs in potato PC

I am considering selling - I originally bought them when I was looking to do a PPL, but can’t afford that now due to changes in circumstances.