Another Ultilearn Problem

Just a quick (and possibly silly) question!

Has all of the classification training material been removed from Ultilearn? I can’t see it from my account, and at least of of my cadets is having the same issue.

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Hi, I recall a note (I think on the Training Hub) to say all the training material had been moved across to the SharePoint Training Hub from Ultilearn.

Yep… the only thing left on Ultilearn now from my experience is the exams.

Not the easiest for cadets that want to do a bit of self study anymore

I believe this is in prep for ultilearn to die its overdue and hopefully painful death


I’m hoping we can get the postal address for ultimedia and all send them a letter telling them how poor their product is.

Imagine if 50,000 people did that…

It does raise the issue of how to share material with (instructor) cadets. As we can’t do links from OneDrive to people without Bader email addresses.

Awesome. Thanks for the replies!

I have asked the same question about instructor cadets accessing material - seems no one thought about that and no one particularly cares :woman_shrugging:t3:

Can’t they access it through cadet portal, same as the cadets would do? Alternatively, just download the content from sharepoint and make it available to the instructor cadets.

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