Another Stable belt query

Hey folks,

Just wondering what you guys wear under a stable belt to actually keep your trousers up? Reading the regs, the standard raf belt isn’t allowed to be worn.

Also interested to hear if anyone has had their trouser loops adapted to fit the belt.

With work I have an inner belt velcro set up going on, was maybe thinking of retrofitting some velcro on the stable belt

Anything to avoid dropping trouser syndrome


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I’ve always worn the standard belt if my trousers need holding up. Never been told off for it so far.

I’ve never needed to wear a second belt underneath my stable belt.
The side adjusters cinch the waist in to keep my trousers up and the stable belt sits happily over the top.

For the past several years I have added stable belt loops to my trousers. Ii is a fairly common alteration.

If you really needed a second belt then I can’t see why you couldn’t have somethin thin with velcro fastening to hold your trousers up. It would be easy to add velcro to an old blue/grey belt in place of the buckle… But I do think it would be a rare occurrence that it’s really needed.

When stood up the stable belt acts as a belt pretty well! I find it is after sitting down for any length of time it departs my trousers and ends up around my armpits. Like a special RAF boob tube if you will.


I’ve got the large belt loops, they came as standard on my trousers from Snaiths.

Issue trouses have normal belt loops. However, if you can source the Summer weight tousers (such as would be worn with a stable belt, then these have the large belt loops.

ebay is your friend for loops.

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Thankfully being of the slightly more rotund persuasion with little legs I usually have enough excess in the bottom of the trouser legs for my tailor to put big loops on.

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At ATF they called anyone wearing the blue/grey underneath ‘Billy 2 belts’ :joy:

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At band camp…