Another ex ATC officer in court

From the Times this evening,

Makes me sick! My kids are same age as most of our cadets and I’d [CENSORED] anyone if I had that happen to my kids!

Its a sad day when your own treasurer takes money from cadets.

Did a quick Google of her and saw in 2015 she did a just giving page for a hospital I think and raised £200, I hope they got all the money from that.

From my cadet era and I’m not overly surprised given some the other things that have come to light from that period and before, we wouldn’t have been immune as an organisation.

Yeah except this thread is ATC and they are Army…

Starting to think @expired that you have a huge chip on shoulder or a massive grudge or something.

All by none of your posts are hugely negative, some verging on defamatory.

What’s the issue?

Hate the Corps? Why waste your time here?


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