Another air cadet forum?

I am thinking of creating a website on wix for all air cadets everywhere can discuss stuff… a bit like this one but more simple as I’m not that good at computers. Any one interested in joining the site if I make it??

What is it that you’re having trouble with on this site?

Is there anything that you want to know about or functions you want to find/have explained?

Not sure how great an uptake you’d have for a rival, considering the myriad of Facebook groups, this site, and the ACC Discord…

There is also Air Cadet 101 and probably a few more similar sites.


seconded - what is this site not doing that a rival site would be able to achieve?

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There used to be another one…I think it died years ago as this was the one mostly used

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Aircadet dot net (edited to remove auto link because it’s long dead)

Set up by Holywood sqn, iirc. Died in about 2008, no support and barely around a dozen active users at the time, 99% of whom were cadets.

Was the old format. Did it’s job well for a good long while, mind.

For a person who self professes to be “not good at computers” I would have thought that creating a brand new forum website from scratch (albeit using Wix) would be far more challenging than learning the tricks to this one.


i do recall 3822. org or similar once existing too…?

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I was a long time member of AirCadet . net

At the time being a cadet it was much more aimed at that age range than ACC which seemed to be predominantly aimed at staff members.

There are alot of Cadets on the ACC Discord :wink:

Discord is 4 years old. I’m going back nearly 15 years when things like that didn’t exist :joy:

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alright grandpa :wink:


…when most of those cadets didn’t exist!

Pretty sure I was the last mod there before it got taken over by spambots. It was a shame, good community and my first real foray into an online world.

Back in the day when regions and wings had there own threads on here! And I’d find out information about activities before my OC did!



I’m always looking for feedback on how ACC can better serve the community. If you, or anyone, have any ideas on how to better serve please let me know.

The ACC Discord is going well, but if the forum can be altered for the better, I’m open to ideas!



Thanks for the AC101 mention :yum:

Change nothing.


There is nothing wrong with this site but I was just thinking of making another website as a social platform rather than something as large scale as this.

Don’t really see the point to be honest. Everything you need you can ask/discuss on here and there’s a Discord for more social type stuff.

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You’ve got a good point and I think I won’t bother with it now