Another activity binned: Obs Course

Where’s that thread about activities we can no longer do…

Announcement on Sharepoint saying All RAFAC use of fixed Obstacle Courses is to cease immediately…

Obstacle courses on RAF & DTE bases. Until further notice.

I wonder how many people were actually authorised to use these anyway…

Yeah, that covers all obs courses we should be using…

Our wing got quite a few staff qualified over the last few years. (It sounds like this took a significant amount of work to organise!) It works really well as a concurrent activity! Our wing CWC recently spend a decent amount of £ on new helmets too…

Due reading the pause it makes a lot of sense & it’s been explained well.

There’s a gap in training that’s been identified invalidating the current qualification. Makes perfect sense to pause, retrain, crack back on.


Sorry to be the pessimist, but these things never seem to be as simple as identify problem, solve problem, crack on!

I’m pretty sure the done ‘pause’ that we’re (still) in started with just a ‘gap in training’ or a ‘gap in policy’. All that needed was a policy telling people to stick to the CAA rules as a minimum… How long has that been banned for?


Does this include dedicated cadet centres?

I would assume so. The title of the announcement is “All RAFAC use of fixed Obstacle Courses is to cease immediately”.

If the RAF PT School have identified an issue does it effect them too?

And if the issue is with the OCS course it’s self, does this effect the ACF too, who I’m 90% sure use the same qual as us to use the courses?

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The ACF must use the same course as us we don’t deliver it, the only way to get a course is through the CTC on a top up basis.

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This is where the RAF PT have identified a gap but the army identified it ages ago & rectified it so only the RAF PTs who actually have the gap.

Solution; Take a few bolts out.

They’re no longer fixed; crack on!


Saw something on facebook about a CFAV passing the instructor course last week. Shortest time as a qual holder ever

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Hopefully, it results in more access to gain instructor status now its being reviewed. Getting on to the course is hard as we only have access to spare spaces

Since we don’t get any RAF courses this is probably reality. “We don’t give you any courses but if we did it would have an issue so you can’t do the activity”

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Wont even have recieved their VA for an earned qual, before not being able to use it.

HQAC breaking records daily now.

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I’ll be waiting for HQAC to announce a new course that takes 500 consecutive weekends to complete at a cost £500,000 to the CFAV trying to qualify and is only valid for 1 year before a complete reassessment is required.

Me, cynical? Never…


Last annual camp we just hired a local civi course and their staff. Job jobbed, and was probably more fun for the cadets to be honest.


Yeah so much better, especially in areas with no military bases!

Banned outside, but not inside. I know it is still a massive limitation.

Recently asked about this and am told that there may be news towards the end of the year…