Annual Formal Inspection

I’ve been selected as warrant officer for my upcoming AFI in May however I’ve never done this role and I’m only a Corporal. Does anyone have any tips?

tip: Ask your staff.

Although an AFI has a fairly set programme for each Wing, thus every Squadron knows what to expect, how the make it work for them, their size and their building is unique.

It is difficult to offer any more advice than this as the AFI at the Squadron I am on will be different to our neighbours.

You could get 10 replies to this question and get 11 different answers!

best to speak to your staff on what they see the role to be so you know from the horses mouth what the expectation is

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when you say WO, what do you mean?


I can envisage a couple of different meanings for this: either taking the Sqn WO’s position on parade (two paces behind the rear rank’s right marker), or the WO position in the banner party.