22 years today the Twin Towers in New York were destroyed by terrorists.

An interesting thread on arrse written by an ex-member of the NYPD, who was there as it happened.

Freakiest thing i had ever seen. I not long left school before going to uni.

Watching the BBC taking about the first plane when the second plane hit live on TV (rolling news /news24 was a brand new concept).

I had to go on work that afternoon (kwiksave) but trying to explain to those who hadn’t witnessed it was so alien & nobody could really believed it had happen.

I remember the day quite clearly. At the time, I was in Year 9 and I remember the first tower fell whilst I was at school, with the second tower falling before I made it home. I was glued to the TV and had no idea of the magnitude of what this meant at the time; the friends who I was yet to make who now are no longer with us as a consequence of what came next.

Of course the flip side of the event is that, as tragic as 9/11 was, it was this that really solidified the peace process in Northern Ireland.

Was in my 2nd year of my apprenticeship.

Heard something on the radio, and a few of us turned on the TV in the crew room… then the place was mobbed as everyone descended, andwe watched it unfold…

Seeing the 2nd plane hit…terrifying.

I was in town - just popped in to get some stuff to take back to uni the next day.

There was a crowd gathered around Dixon’s (which was very unusual - so i figured they must have a sale on) - as I approached I heard the gasps and remember so vividly the look of shock on peoples faces. Then I saw that they weren’t looking for huge reductions - but watching the TV in the window as the second plane struck. We all stood in silence transfixed unsure exactly what we were watching. The manager invited us all in out of the drizzle and we stood in the shop watching it instead.

I remember the sombre silence on the bus home. And then, when I got home, we listened to the radio for the rest of the day/evening (as we didn’t have a TV at the time). The next images I saw were the newspapers the next day, and then the TV news reports when we got to uni.

I have weird mixed memories from the day. I was skipping hockey and about to reach a milestone in the girls’ boarding house when the house mistress (also my contingent commander at the time) burst in the room as she grabbing all the girls to come watch it in the common room. Major mood change very quickly. In the end I stayed up all night watching the replays on the TV. Was seriously concerned for my friends from cadets who had recently joined up. (I never did get in trouble for being caught in the boarding house, it suddenly didn’t seem that serious)

I was in Year 11 and was home early on account of it being games afternoon - early finish if you blitzed the cross-country.

Dad was on a rest day and had the telly on as I came in.

He heard me come on and said “Son come here quickly, something terrible has happened in New York”

I sat with him and watched in horror as the second plane hit and later as the first tower fell.

I remembered I had to go out and do my paper round and so pulled myself away from the screen, I didn’t learn the 2nd tower collapsed until I got home.

Watching back the events on the rolling news with Dad and my younger brother Dad said “The world changed today boys”.

It certainly did.