An attempt to be more in touch?


Maybe she sees life as a CFAV soon


Christ no.


This is like mums and dads going clubbing with their kids.


Any ideas which course?


I’m confused as I’m sure she was visiting an WO conference as well


It ll have been a quick head round the door type visit.Akin to(for those who are as old as me ) and can remember Mr Grace on Are You Being Served.“You ve All Done Very Well”


Wouldn’t it be good to have some at headquarters volunteering on squadrons “undercover boss” style so they really get an appreciation of how tough it can be.
Of course they’d need to volunteer for at least 2 months to then appreciate some of the timescale we have to work to.


It’s not uncommon for the commandant to take part in activities with CFAVs as one of the team, she doesn’t always post it on social media though.


If they are pretending to be new staff it would take longer than that!


Maybe Pilot Officer McCafferty RAFAC is coming soon? When she retires. We did have an ex Air Commodore who became a Gp Capt and was also a Fg Off VR(T). That’s literally 3 hats.


Given the latest updates on staff recruitment… they wouldn’t even get through the door.


On that show, one of the biggest challenges is pretending they don’t know what they’re talking about…

Not sure that would be a problem.


They be too luvved up on the BS and red tape, which even the newest members of staff soon tire of, if they ever think it’s worthwhile.


Long term that is the plan.

Heard it from the horses mouth. I won’t share more as it’s not fair but yes post retirement as CAC their is still an interest in staying linked with the RAFAC


Don’t worry they give her a medal for that. Ops I forgot they have


Sniper at the Gates of Dawn


Once she is but a mere CFAV, she would fall under the rules she has brought in…

I hope she can dedicate 3 weeks a year of her life to simply filling in forms and staying up to date with qualifications.


2 thoughts that I can say on the forum without being banned :wink:

  1. assuming she went along to her local
    Sqn would she stay as a sqn Officer long do you think or would she at Wing or regional level rapidly??

  2. how would you feel if it was your sqn and she pitched up to join???


On point 2, great - she could step in as female staff cover for all those trips and expeds. And we’d spell it out to her exactly how much she needs to do for that - and the consequences for the cadets if she didn’t.


Well we could do with an extra officer, I’m sure she’d come in handy.