Ammo Boots (Upkeep)

I got myself a lovely pair of ammo boots and got them polished to mirror standards and the lot…

However I am finding that with use, the hobnails like to fall out. Anyone able to suggest anything to prevent this? Many thanks.

Stop wearing them…???


Put them in here. Job Jobbed


I can’t say I’ve ever had issues with the studs falling out until you’ve worn them down such that it’s time for a new set anyway. The blakey’s on my civi boots fall out occasionally. A dab of gorilla glue in the holes and bang them back in fixes that.

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A loooong way back in my memory - wet the soles before banging in the hobnails? I think the theory is as the soles dry out, the leather will hold the hobnails better.

Otherwise, some kind of modern “sealant” / glue to help with the grip on the hobnails?

Apparently, a Guards boot, after one year of ceremonial duties!

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Theres 2 types of ammo boots

The guards issue which is UK built and likely to survive a nuclear war

Then there is the Indian produced mass market version…that fall apart

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Same for QCS I think.

Several options available on Fleabay including a nice beeswaxed pair.

That’s a bargain sold my size 8s beeswaxed and billed for £150 on there

Or just buy the knowledge & the secret ingredients. :wink:

That’s guardsman gear aide hustle

It is a very easy thing to fudge up to be fudge up I’m to scared to take a blow torch to my oxfords

Wuzz! Camping gas stove - gentler heat for more delicate leather!! Beeswax is cheap, the methodology is relatively easy… :upside_down_face:

Nevber pay for the knowledge… It’s a piece of cake.

Who wants to do mine then :joy::joy:

Here you go

It wouldn’t be the first time that people have paid me good money to beeswax and bull their shoes/boots.

Not in full detail, but not bad for starters.

Got mine from Guards Gear so they should be fine

Yeah they are legit…maybe ask them?

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