Am I able to request for my squadron/wing to run MOI?

Hi, I am a Cpl and I am wanting to complete the MOI.
At my sqaudron there is a large gap of NCOs and for a while I have been running most activities and leading around 20-25 cadets along with anouther coporal however the next qaulification weekend run to the wing i am required to complete my JNCO.
I dont have any complaints about the lack of NCOs or that requirement but I am really keen to complete my MOI and dont want to wait an extra 4 months, so i am actually qualified to teach and am recognised for it.
So i thought i would ask here to see if you are able to request a course like that to be run or whether you can complete it online or any help at all would be nice.

Additionly if someone knows the requirements that would be great aswell thanks.

This is something your squadron volunteers really should be able to answer.

The current requirements are that you hold at least First Class cadet and have completed Presentation Skills.

For an adult volunteer to teach MOI, they have to be included on your Wing’s authorised register of instructors, but your OC can assess so long as s/he hasn’t instructed you.

There’s nothing wrong with approaching your adult volunteers and expressing your interest, but remember that they deal with multiple conflicting priorities and may not be able to get you through before your 4-month wait.

Thanks for the reply i will enqire to my OC soon.

I am a master cadet and have done the presentation skills so i think they will be open to the idea.
And i did not know about the wings register of instructors so i will check will my staff to see if we can get someone down who is qualified.

Once again thank you!

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Slight corrections:

There’s no requirement for first class (although, personally, I’d agree with it as a recommendation).

Your OC can do the two formative assessments. The final summative assessment must be done by someone who has been authorised by OC Wing.

ACTO 022 refers.

OP - if your wing runs anything like ours, MOI courses are run at wing level. The course is a full-day course. Recently we’ve run them as weekends, with the course on the Saturday and first formative assessment on the Sunday.

Absolutely talk to your staff about it, but, practically, it’s likely you will have to wait until the next course. There’s a slim possibility a neighbouring wing might have a course running sooner that you could get onto, or someone is planning a virtual delivery.