Alternative Supplier for Squadron Number Badges?

We’ve been having massive delays in getting any replacement Squadron number badges produced via the official supplier (over 7 months and counting).

Is anyone aware of a non-official supplier, that’s of known quality/capability, which we could press into service?

Whilst I understand the matter is being pursued officially (and is not just a problem for our squadron) I see no progress on this for a long time.

With this being ATC75 (and also on the basis that easy things shouldn’t be difficult…the hard things manage that just fine…) I’m ready to do almost anything I can to get this sorted.

Informed feedback is welcome (failing which, fevered opinion, rumour and well-intentioned theorising will have to suffice!)


(ps…I’ve never been away, just insanely busy at my day-job)

This is strange, a neighbouring unit place an order in late Jan and received them in early March apparently. Seven months is extreme. Are you on the companies naughty list for not sending your paperwork to HQAC which gets them paid?

If there is a naughty list in existence (and, should we be listed thereupon) I rather presume we would’ve been advised of this by Wg?

It does prompt a possible alternative strategy, though, and that is direct contact Sqn-to-Supplier (in the face of ‘nothing heard’ via the official CoC…


For a very simple, repetitive mass-embroidery job, that is still far too long. A good machine should knock out one badge in about 5-7 mins (or less). Depending on complexity & number of colours, a full crest can be done in about 10-12 mins.

There can’t be that much of a back-log, surely??

From memory it’s a little two man band company who offer very good rates to the ACO

Its not a back log, its sqns not following basic procedures and the company not getting paid.

Sqns should inform HQAC of delivery, so invoice can be paid.

Small company, every invoice not paid, or delayed in this case, as a big thing from their case.

Email the company saying you sent an order in x and it hasn’t arrived and copy Cranwell into it.
The puts the onus on the company to respond, rather than us getting bent out of shape over it.

I haven’t looked in a while but do we still need to do it all by snail mail and send an original of the order to Cranwell?

I’ve always thought the system for getting badges is a nonsense and puts too much onus on us to do things.