Altering RAF shirts

Evening All,

Just got myself a couple of new shirts from the stores.

Being a typical RAF shirt i have found that although the arms and collar are a perfect fit, the body shall we say is like a massive tent.

Has anyone had the shirts altered/tailored before? Did it work as im concerned the shape will become a bit wonky?

Cheers in advance,


It depends how much you want to take it in.
I regularly take shirts in at the side seams which is most often sufficient. If further suppression is required you can add darts to the back which does give a more pleasing shape. It is a more noticeable modification of course, but unless someone is being a complete tool there should be no reason (outside of RTS) to complain about altering an issue item of clothing to make it actually fit.

If the shirt is too large in the shoulder though then it becomes a problem. I wouldn’t ever advise altering the shoulders of a shirt. It would be cheaper to have a new shirt made for you.

I’d like to alter them : to be longer bodied, have longer sleeves and larger necks.