Altering allowed?

Having recently joined my school’s RAF section, is it allowed for me to alter my uniform? (For example having a tailored fit pair of trousers)

As long as they look like they did when you got them then that’s not an issue. Just don’t start making them skinny leg or anything like that. Taking the leg up and tightening the waist is fine though.

Ask your Staff. Where it hasn’t been possible to get a standard size to fit I have never had an issue with this being done.

What do you actually want to do?

Given the RAF’s general inability to supply uniform for cadets especially some of the smaller younger ones alteration is becoming more of a requirement. We’ve had some boys and girls get things changed, just so they look reasonable.
I see a lot of teenagers around who are well over 6ft and wonder how we’d cope given that longest leg is 33 inches. Given the RAF has a set sizing system, I could see many of these (if they joined) having to get trousers made, which would be a nonsense in terms of time, given stn tailors have specific opening times and our parent station is 1½ hour drive.

Regarding our bigger cadets, (height and waist) we had a FS who had to be tailored near 2yrs ago. Quite a few emails chasing them up for trousers…still waiting now…although no point now as they have since left. If ever they do come through to us they will be used for one of our growing cadets who is close to out-sizing his current trousers.