Alterations to No 1 uniform - where to go in London?

Hello! Anyone have any suggestions for where to go to get officers’ No 1 uniform adjusted (reranked, medals and flying badge added, etc), preferably in London? (My parent station is unfortunately a long way away, so a visit mid-week would be a real pain to organise) Is there a station tailor or tailor’s parade at Northolt? Any details or other ideas much appreciated!

a quick look on Sharepoint (starting in LASER) lead me to this which should help you out

complete with timings (10-13 daily) and even a mobile number for the tailor with phone number to make an appointment for the Tailors parade!


@steve679 that’s really helpful - thanks very much.

Glad i could help…although it did take about 5 minutes on the local sharepoint site…