Alpine Adventure 2019

Is anyone going on Alpine Adventure next year

If u are going just say what wing ur in

What is it?

An alpine skiing exercise for cadets

See this page for more info:

It is kind of a joint B&G wing / SW Region thing but with some other wings invited to attend - NEScot for example.
A week of downhill skiing that caters for all abilities.

Why cant they extend it up Yorkshire way :frowning_face:

They might if somebody asks them, but it is often predicated on the wing in question being able to provide qualified ski staff.

Of course. I’m being facetious (not bitter at all wink wink)

Had I known about it, I’d volunteer. I’ve got the requisite NGB qual and experience.

NW-based if anyone’s reading this and are interested :wink:

I thought that the ATC didn’t sponsor downhill skiing as it’s too much like a holiday?
That’s why the Corps ran Nordic Skiing expeditions!
Obviously this has changed?

Nobody said it was sponsored.

Sponsor / authorise, rather than sponsor / contribute financially.

I doubt it is any more of a holiday than most overseas camps :smiley:

I think it was ment to be offers to every squadron but the aplcation date is over now

They didn’t support it the full price was £725

Do they support it with pay and allowances?

Sorry. I forgot!!! It’s not pay as we are not employees! I meant to say Voluntary Allowance!
Please pass me the RAFAC bar of soap so I can wash my mouth out!!!

Nah we pay for the trip the RAFAC dont fund any of it

I remember it being quite expensive…not quite sure how much it would cost out of cadets

It’s £725 for cadets

Same for staff also