Alcohol at Dining in Nights

I am a civ com member and former VRT/RAFAC Officer. I have been advised by our Squadron CO that there is a new rule banning the consumption of alcohol in front of cadets. This apparently now applies to civ com members and guests. Before I fire off an unpleasant letter to the Commandant, can anyone confirm that this is correct?

It’s 100% true. Your CO is correct.

And not just in front of cadets. You can’t sneak off for a few beers and come back either!!

I mean irrelevant of the official rules, an OC running a Sqn dining in night could make it a dry night anyway and as a guest that’s the rules.

But the rules have changed - if there are cadets present no alcohol is to be served including external guests and parents.

The actual last sentence in the formal function section is:

Put simply, if CFAVs are organising an event where cadets are to be present, alcohol is not to be served.

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Also let’s not debate the pros/cons of the new policy here. We adjust have a thread for that :wink:

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