AIs and JIs

This isn’t a biggy, more a curiosity…

So, I’ve never seen it in black and white about how these are meant to be used, and while I have my own versions that I think work for how I need them and include only the relevant details, I’ve seen a variety of interpretations of Admin and Joining Instructions…

Some seem to pretty much duplicate and rename, others seem to just distribute the AI doc in lieu of specific JIs, and I’m sure I’ve seen some that just seem completely switched about…

There’s no one-fits-all template as all activities are different, but does anyone have the formal view as to what each should be?

I think in my view an admin order is aimed at the instructors / units for the training period / weekend / course. It includes much more detail than the participants need to know. For example, in an admin instruction I might include roles and resposnibilities for the weekend, who is bringing what kit, who needs to order provide MT / SOVs, arrangements for VA & travel etc, facility allocation, detailed transport plan… blah blah.

Whereas for JIs for participants they need to know (give or take) when, where, what kit, how much and not a great deal more.


Pretty much my thoughts too.

JI’s = who, what, when, where, how <3


An Admin Order (or Admin Instruction) should contain all of the information about running the activity (or signpost to where it can be found). It should be written with the thought “if I die tomorrow, this will be all that the new IC needs to carry on and run the activity”.

JIs are specifically (as the name suggests) a set of instructions to ensure that participants turn up at the right place, at the right time and with the right kit (and pre-requisites, etc as required).

Quite often, the JIs will be an annex to the AO.

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A good, well thought out admin order should almost be an idiots guide to making the activity happen.
Each time you run an activity and discover that there’s something you hadn’t considered, make a note of it and include it in all future admin orders.

One of the things which chaps my backside is when the same old AO is reissued every year for a regular event which is then followed by the same old After Orders as every previous year.
After orders are for when something changes post AO release, or when you realise you missed something crucial - the content of an after order one year should very likely end up in the AO the next year.

Conversely, each time you realise that there’s more detail than is actually required in a set of JIs, make sure you remove it from future JIs.

AO - All the detail.
JI - As simple as possible whilst conveying the required information.

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I can’t really see that “after orders” should exist any more - they sound like a hangover from the days of doing things primarily in hard-copy.

Nowadays, just change the AO and issue a revision with tracked changes.

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agree with the above completely although in my use summarise as follows

AO or AI - an invitation to the event > an explanation of what it is, and what is included. this will include dates but not necessarily strict timings (such as transport pick ups).

JIs - who is attending, kit lists, and finalised timings. perhaps identifying who is in charge/who to contact and how if questions/problems arise.
As best i can I make these a single page (with an Annex for kit list if a significant event - ie more than “lunch and fluids” ) to encourage them to be short, sweet and quickly read and understood.

That sounds more like a warning order.


Agreed, or perhaps a calling notice if it’s even more vague.