Airplanes next to profile pics

What do the different planes on blue background next to profile pictures mean? Not quite sure what’s going on with them.

It’s related to trust levels that dictate your level of authority to perform certain functions. You can find them under “Badges” on someone’s profile. They recognise how active you have been (visiting, reading, posting, replying, etc) and if you been a positive contributor (e.g. receiving and giving reactions)

Here’s Mine.

You can find out some more information here as well.


Ahh makes sense.

What icon/ plane does each level correspond to then

If you look at the badges of another user, such as @Giminion who’s volunteered theirs, you’ll see the icon next to the aircraft level.

Sopwith Camel

Based on the criteria in the link you gave, I would be level 2 but here I am only level 1?

The criteria is set on a per-server basis. So our forums will have different criteria to another forum.

Does anyone know this forum’s criteria

Click on the first link in @Giminion post and then click the badge to get the criteria