Airmanship 2 - LO3 - Training Ideas

Has anyone got an engaging way of teaching the ‘Identifying Military Aircraft’ section of Airmanship 2?

I’ve got some good activities for the other two LOs but have run into a bit of a barrier on the third. I’ve made top trumps and a Kahoot quiz for when we finish the section but going through the slides is incredibly tedious just reeling off technical stats about aircraft.

Any thoughts on how to make it more interesting would be gratefully received!

Visit an air museum?

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None in the area unfortunately and I can’t force cadets to sign up for a weekend trip just to teach air rec.

Depends how you phrase it and whether they want to pass Leading or not.

It’s a difficult subject to teach, however, have you considered something like a scavenger hunt. The aircraft photos are printed out and hidden around the building. The cadets are given a sheet with the Aircraft descriptions (no photos) and they then go around the building finding the photos and figuring out what aircraft description links to each one.

I love your idea of Top Trumps, would you be willing to share that resource at all?

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Yep. I’ll see if I can upload it to the drive when I get home.

This is the first time I’ve used them so there’s probably room for improvement.

Could do a Guess Who type game with the Top Trumps cards too if you printed off multiple packs.

Thinking off the top of my head here, could you make a kind of blind date type lesson?
Have one picker who’s trying to work out what the prospective aircraft are by asking a set number of questions.

Loads of great ideas guys, thanks.

At the moment I’ve put together an exercise where the cadets have to allocate the correct aircraft to various tasks. The idea being they can use the role letters etc to decide which aircraft would be best suited. - I’ll see how it goes and let you know.

I don’t have the permissions to upload stuff to the drive but if you PM me we can sort it out that way.

Hi, not to jump on the band wagon, but i wouldn’t mind a copy of your Top Trumps as well! Many thanks

My email is training.7os

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Sent. Feel free to delete your email address now.

I have something similar though it is combined ops, Likewise happy to share