Airline collapses

Well, looks like flybe’s gone into administration again.

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It’s a real shame for everyone working there, particularly given it’s been blindingly obvious this was on the cards, must be awful trying to put your all into somewhere like that.

At least this time round there are jobs everywhere for both flight and ground crew. Good luck to them.


Makes me wonder if aviation is a good career move, what with opportunities for cadets severely diminished since 2014, the RAF’s inability to train new pilots…

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Flybe in its various forms has been a commercial basket case for years.

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Catering to a niche market that wouldn’t support the pricing required to maintain its sustainability as a model without severe operational cost reductions that simply aren’t feasible currently.

Loganair very neatly and effectively filled the Flybe gap when Flybe collapsed about three years ago despite Flybe since trying to do a BA against VA trick to break Loganair.

Very interesting talk my partner and me attended last year IRRC at The Aviation Society at Manchester Airport runway viewing park given by the Loganair CEO.

It is a great pity more cadets are not seen here as it meets on a Monday night and with some very interesting subjects from people like the former Professor at Salford and in the past the chief engineer from RR on the new Trent engine.

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At the moment? Yes absolutely. The market is crying out for pilots. Pretty much everyone is recruiting.

It’s just that Flybe had an utterly preposterous business model which was suggested by many to have no possibility of succeeding… and it didn’t.

The long term viability is clouded by the likelihood, or not, of reduced or zero flight deck crew operations.

I’m 30 (ish) and I’ve probably got a full career. If I was 15? Who knows.

As for the RAF, if you’ve got any desire to fly commercially it’s a complete waste of time. Come out in your mid 30s with barely enough hours to become a first officer on a jet, wasted decade. If you want to fly jets at Mach 10 flying at 2’ off the deck then sure, go for it!


My old man was at RAF Machrihanish up in Scotland for abit which was a hub for Loganair at one point. Heard some wild dits on how the wind got so bad on some days they wouldn’t fly the Tornados, but Loganair would still go in for some crazy landings

Flyr, a norwegian start up, has nearly collapsed. 2 airlines in 2 weeks!

Dont panic.

Airline failures are common place.

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