Airgun Range Equipment For Sale

An East Midlands rifle club is updating their ranges and has the following equipment for sale:

5 x Dical10 10m Target Changers with pellet traps - SOLD

A Haring PA10 5 target turning target unit.

2 x Megalink 4K87 Electronic Scored Targets (EST) in PC Configuration. Currently used for 10m but can be employed for .22rf at 25 yards or 50m. - SOLD

If anyone is interested, then please drop me a PM and i shall provide details and put you in touch with the club.


Hi, I would be interested in what you have to sell. Can we arrange a visit?

That will be no problem. I have sent you a PM with contact details for the club.


There is also a RIKA Electronic Trainer available, comes complete with serial ported laptop, Cheap route into electronic training. - SOLD
Video of traces may be seen here



Are the Megalink devices approved for use on MOD ranges?

With the best will in the world Falcon 104! They are ISSF Phase 1 and 2 approved. Do MoD ranges meet ISSF standards?:thinking: