Airfield Lighting

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Does anybody know what these lights are called and what their purpose is? Google is no use.


It will be in the ‘FUNDAMENTAL PRINCIPLES OF AIRMANSHIP’ powerpoint.

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Would these not be the last set of approach lights before the threshold lights?

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If i’m right its a ‘T’ shaped light to mark the centre line of the runway on approach.

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CAP 637 - Visual Aids Handbook


Is your friend - Specifically, Chapter 1 Pages 2-4 - (Section 7 specifies why occasionally the Approach Lights may have sections of red as opposed to plain white light)

Edit to add: (Source Heathrow Twr ATCO)- As per the above CAP, at civil aerodromes they’re not red/white/red as per the OP picture. It may be a Military specific layout

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Thanks for the help everyone :slight_smile:

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