Aircrew insignia

Aircrew insignia
Would anyone happen to know off hand what the criteria for aircrew insignia is within RAFAC?

Would ags instructors be entitled? Or only those who actually fly?

Misread RAF instead of RAFAC….

ACP 20 PI301 does appear to specify VGS in relation to aircrew designation, but I think that is also primary role. Though as the AGS are under 2FTS chain of command it may be a possibility if your not supernumerary on the AGS but the OC should be able to give you a definite answer.

As stated in 1358C


If you are full time only with the AGS VGS and not supernumerary then yes you would be allowed to wear SNCO aircrew rank slides as this designates what chain of command you are under which would be 2FTS.

If you are under the staff roll of ATC /CCF and are supernumerary to an AGS /VGS then no you wouldn’t get SNCO aircrew rank slides as you are not on the 2FTS staff role.

The only time that ATC /CCF and VGS/AGS SNCOs have the same rank silde would be when you are an Acting Sgt pending completion of the SSIC

Surely you should only wear “aircrew” rank slides if you are “aircrew”, the chain of command shouldn’t matter.

NCO aircrew on an RAF squadron wear aircrew rank, non-flying personnel on the squadron don’t.

Screams of empire-building on the behalf of 2FTS if those really are the rules (which the AP suggest they aren’t).


It won’t be long before anyone in RAFAC who can fly a kite on the village green will be given aircrew rank slides.

Only if the kite and green are assured by 2FTS.