Air Training Corps cap badge polishing

Long time lurker here, I’m looking for a way to polish up my beret badge, as it’s of the dull type, without having to buy a new shiny one.

I’ve attempted to polish it with Brasso wadding, but it just isn’t coming up as I’d hoped.

Is this simply a case of having to ‘get some time in’ or are the duller beret badges very difficult to polish?

Thanks in advance.


Brasso is for brass, so you’d be better off with Silvo for white metal.

Having said that, most capbadges, buttons, medals, etc, these days are either staybrite or sealed in sone way. Have you tried a rubber (i.e . pencil eraser) and then a clean cloth / duster?


Since most beret badges are stay bright polish is unlike to brighten it up

You could try silver spray paint?


Was just about to say the same thing. Use Silvo for a start - not Brasso.

And - as mentioned, I’d put money on the badge was lacquered.

It will take a bit of polishing to get rid of the lacquer first - it will turn mucky and black first!

TBH - so long as it’s clean - I wouldn’t be worried! An unpolished badge looks “older” as though you have been in longer!

If you’re absolutely determined - try using a polishing bonnet on a drill!

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Ally very ally.


I thought the ‘new’ duller ATC cap badges were plastic?


Yeah - I’d be very careful with any chemicals on those.
Wouldn’t have thought it’d do any damage to you, but a good chance it’ll do irrecoverable damage to the badge.


Thanks for all of the advice. I’m pretty sure it’s chrome plated, and not plastic, but I’ll try to use some of the tips.

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