Air Rifles

Just seeking a bit of advice or direction please. The sqn wants to set up air rifle shooting as a memeber of staff has an air rifle they can bring down. The only range layout in Pam21C is for an outdoor range of some 120m in length. I know there must be countless other ways of setting ranges up indoors, outside with backstops etc, but are ther any guidelines on the setup of such temporary ranges?

Many thanks.

There are; the plans are available from Logs 2(?) at HQAC I believe. You’ll need to check that the air rifle conforms to the requirements of the ATC (e.g. calibre, muzzle energy, fit for use and appropriately serviced/maintained etc).

All the information can be found in the 40 series ACTOs and by a chat with your WIng Shooting Officer and HQAC.

Leeroy I know has an active air rifle range so he might be along shortly to give you more detailed answers; we have a smallbore range and don’t use it for air rifle so I’m not up on the detailed requirements. In fact I think I supplied him with the details from JSP403 a while back…!


If you’ve not got access to an indoor 25m (other lengths are available) range then a purpose built air rifle range.

Your first port of call for information on construction of ranges is ACTO 41 following that a chat with Logs 2 at HQAC will get you started.

The cost of constructing a range is reletivly cheap and i beleive HQAC were reimbursing units for the cost of materials. If Sgt Bilko were still active on here then he’d know more about that as he built a 4 lane range a while back.

The cost of the weapons must be privately funded and I can’t recommend the BSA Scorpion highly enough there is some information from HQAC HERE

We’ve fired 15,000 pellets on our range in 4 years and have acheived 100s of marksmanship qualifications. It really is an asset to the Sqn!

Mods, can we move to shooting please?

A 120m air rifle range should be interesting!

Wonder if any of the pellets would actually reach the targets?

IIRC the plans in Pam21C are for open Air Rifle Ranges in a field which require a “danger area” of 110m behind the target.

Yup, it’s a standard distance to target of about 6m, but with a massive danger area behind it!

I wonder if it is possible to get a pellet to travel the full distance.


Surely the point of an RDA is that it’s just longer than the range of the weapon in question? ie the pellet isn’t expected to go any further than 116m?

Or is that what the OP means by a 120m range?

With regard to the use of ballistic safety glasses (BSG), we have just had a range inspection to renew the MOD F905 (Land Range Safety Certificate) for our indoor 5.5m air rifle range.

One of the observations related to BSGs:

Ballistic Safety Glasses (BSG). The RSO confirmed that BSG are worn by Cadets when they fire on this range. Training Ground Letter 01-04 dated 15 Jan 14, promulgates this on the advice received from the National Small Bore Rifle Association (NSRA)?? As confirmed by the Secretary Defence Land Range Safety (DLRSC) (dated 10 Nov 15) there is no legal or safety requirement in accordance with References A-D that BSG are required for this type of range. The RSI informed the RSO that all future firing by Cadets is to be conducted without the use of BSG.

I do NOT have a copy of the DLRSC letter dated 10 Nov 2015, but will (a) try to get one & (b) ask that this information is promulgated from HQACO. Of course, TG Letter 01-04 needs to be rescinded.

EDIT - just spoke with TG-SO1 about this; it is already on the agenda for a “shooting matters” meeting that will be held later this week. The change of requirements was new to HQACO.

Separate to the safety glasses, there is another issue that I will be raising with HQACO.

“TG Letter 2-14 dated 15 Jan 2014, pellet catchers that reach 8000 pellets require replacement of steel plate and back plate spring assembly.”

We have found that penetration of the steel plate can occur (very small pitting holes rather than huge gaps!) at about 3000-3500 rounds, so have been replacing the steels/springs much sooner than the mandatory limit.

EDIT - just spoke with TG-SO1 about this; it will be placed on the agenda for a “shooting matters” meeting that will be held later this week.

Looking at the options for the approved Air Rifles, does anyone have any experience of using the rifles highlighted in the PAM




Does any one have any good points / bad points or a favouring towards one of these?

Yes - the single shot version.

Only 2 (very minor) problems - one sight adjustment broke, one plastic butt plate cracked, both replaced very quickly (at no cost by BSA).

Very accurate rifle, easy for cadets to use, not too heavy & good balance; excellent to develop marksmanship skills. Pellets are cheap.

I don’t know how it compares to the scorpion, but most of our CZ200s are broken and it isn’t like they are used everyday! The most common problem is the magazine not rotating.

Scorpion T10 single shot - intensively used and over 5 years old now - occasion problems with the bolts but generally reliable. We did replace the foresight mounting block with a metal block as the plastic one was not robust enough. Accurate and excellent for basic marksman skills.

We have had our Scorpion single shot rifles for 9 years now. All three rifles have had many thousands of rounds down them. Have only required regular servicing (every 3 years by BSA).
Very accurate and two thirds the weight of a no.8.
Fantastic rifle. Would definitely recommend.