Air Rifle Storage


Hi all

Looking if someone can point me to the policy for the storage of Air Rifles, ive read through ACP 26 and cant see the wood for the trees. Some parts mention how many of such you can store, other parts say they can be stored in arms chests, but im looking for the specific policy that says they must be stored in X, whether that be a locked cupboard or an arms chest.

Had conflicting info from various sources so want to check myself.




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I have heard of some squadrons having gun cupboard keys removed by Wing, so the policy is a bit vague. We had an indoor range passed by HQAC, and two air rifles in secure storage with the Station RAFP/MPGS Guardroom, (with a third promised by the Station Commander) and withdrawal was by authorised personnel only, but that was not acceptable to certain high ranking personnel, and they closed down the range- the current OC not being a shooter, prefers to use the range as a classroom.

We had guidance on the most suitable weapons, and everything we put together was checked out and overseen by someone who had extensive RAF service and was trained even on the Rapier system, but he was not qualified to run our range, so I find it very difficult to believe anything that purports to be ACO rules & regulations, when there is supposed to be some consistency between the ACO and the Service, and some benefit derived from the links with the Service for the specific benefit of Cadets. Does not answer the question, but surely there is someone at HQAC who is supposed to know these things if they are not to busy to deal with an enquiry.