Air rifle RCO

I cant seem to find any up to date threads but does anyone have any advice ahead of an air rifle RCO course?

I will read the relevant pre course publications and spend time on ranges but please let me know if you have any useful advice/tips/things you wish you knew before you went etc

Also in terms of course timings its Fri-Sun course but is this normally all day Fri or arrive in the evening after work time?

Getting some time on ranges will make your life easier, knowing how they run what’s where etc.

Have a read in Cadet Training Ranges, Chapters 1, 2 and the Air Rifle sections of Chap 4 to focus on.

Timings wise, Friday is just arrival and lessons start on Saturday morning. There is work into the evening on Saturday though.

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Time on range definitely helps but don’t be afraid to ask questions and above all try and enjoy it. Honestly, the course I did was one of the best courses I’ve done with RAFAC.