Air Recognition

Anyone know where I can find the latest aircraft recognition specification (I think it’s the ACTO 104) for 2023?

I thought air rec was gone from syllabus?

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I’m thinking along the lines of Wing Field Day. Surely there’s still an air recognition competition category?

It hasn’t been confirmed that this activity will carry on, there were suggestions that it wouldn’t be supported by Corps anymore.

That doesn’t mean that Wings will definitely stop it, but it could mean that nobody will be compiling a central list.

Alright, thanks for your help :+1: . It’s a damn shame air recce is not being continued officially, being such an integral part of air cadet life, but I suppose that’s for the powers that be to decide!

That’s not official, so don’t get ahead of yourself just yet.

Air rec is not a part of RAFAC astra. Time is numbered.

What about satellite recognition under Space!


It’s not the ‘materials to recognise’ that’s the issue.
It’s the ‘recognising of materials’ that’s no longer needed.

The skill of plane spotting, is not as important as the skill of cyber or ASTRAing.

T. Keeling 2021.

Next generation of IntAns (Imagery) are screwed.


When the fun starts….stop!

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And the RN when you look at tonight’s episode of the Queen Elizabeth on deployment when approached by SU 24 Fencers or QRAs when doing intercepts. They too need air rec skills.

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Still in the Royal Air Squadron Trophy (for CCF) for now…

Annoying if it’s binned - the regional Air Recce is the only thing we’ve won for years!