Air Rec at WFW

I’m doing the Air Rec competition for my Squadron at Wing Field weekend. Despite voluntarily putting myself forward for this, the senior cadet at the squadron says I’d have been doing it anyway - and that there was no way I wasn’t. This has made me quite worried my entire squadron is dependant on me to do well in this competition, and I don’t wanna let them down.

I finished my GCSE’s a couple of weeks ago and since then have been putting the hours in in terms of revising my air rec stuff, however I am nowhere near confident. My squadron has misunderstood me. I’m not living a lie, I’m good at air rec, but I’m not as good as my squadron think I am, and I am open about this, my squadron think I’m being modest. I do not know a lot of planes. I know a lot (an insane amount) about commercial aircraft, and that’s about it. Nonetheless, I am determined to do the Air Rec competition as I want to prove to my squadron that I am worthy, but I am honestly scared, because I’m really not as worthy as they think. I can name a couple of other cadets from my squadron who are better than me.

This is my very first WFW (I joined the Corps at the OAP age of 15 after years of convincing my parents to let me join) and I don’t know how this stuff works. I know there are several people from my Sqn also doing the competition, is our final result an average of all our results or do all our individual results get ordered? I am really scared of coming last and embarrass/disappointing the squadron.

If anyone has some closure or advice I’d really appreciate it.

Thank you

The idea of Wing Competitions Day is to show off your squadron as a team effort. No one will get in trouble for trying their best and that is all that is expected.

Even if you didn’t know a single thing about aircraft, I’d say kudos for volunteering.

The day is about having fun and working as a team. I know that I certainly wouldn’t be scolding my cadets for coming last or doing badly, as long as they tried their best. Yes, we all want to win and do well, but that isn’t the point of the day.

Good luck.

The scoring depends on your Wing so could be either.

Regardless, just go along and do your best, that is all anyone can ask of you. Also don’t worry about it and enjoy it.

With regards to how air recce is scored, I’m sure someone else on here will detail it for you, but I wouldn’t worry about it.

From what I remember, it’s a team effort.

That’s what I’m hoping. At my squadron, there are a couple of cadets who are absolutely phenomenal in their Military aircraft, I know Commercial aircraft to an insane level of detail, we don’t really have a helicopters guy so we gotta pray they don’t really come up :joy: Nonetheless, I think we’d have a pretty strong team!

I think as a combined force, we’d be invincible, but so would a lot of other squadrons, so maybe it’s all a bit boring/unfair so they decide to do it individually.

In terms of it being different in different wings, I’m Beds/Cambs wing if this makes any difference to anything.

If I remember, if it’s an ‘official’ aircraft rec, there should be some commercial stuff in there too.

Don’t put too much pressure on yourself - do your best.
Fair play for swotting up on it - a lot wouldn’t have.

First and foremost, enjoy the experience.

don’t worry yourself over it - its almost certain that your staff can see you’re a bit nervous about it, they are trying to boost your confidence.

enjoy it.

you’ve not mentioned when the competition is/was but presume the end of June looking at your Wing Calendar.

how did you get on?