Air Power Subject Guide

Has anybody found this on Sharepoint? I can see the ‘How to’, Cadet Notebook and Delivery Guide, but not the Subject Guide.

If you mean the course content, then it is on Ultilearn. But it is in it’s own folder as it is in 3 parts!
Nope. Read what @themajor said below me!

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It’s within the Training Hub > Cadet Training > Classification


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Followed the link and I can see the delivery guide, the presentations and the cadet notebook, but not the subject guide which is the advanced notes for staff and cadets who have passed the course and want to advance their knowledge.

I take it no one else can find it or it doesn’t exist?

I had a good look, and couldn’t find it. Sorry.

email the officers who wrote the documents and ask?

New posters have been put together by TG to support cadets in learning about Air Power.!.aspx

Obviously they aren’t much use at the moment with us all being closed but they look pretty nice from my first glance.

Agree. Looks nice.
Now as they are posters are they going to send a full set to each Sqn?
Or make that available as a request?

Still no Subject Guide though!!

It will take a while to get out of the “style over substance” mindset of the last 8 years.

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