Air Power lectures

For anyone interested in Air Power, the RAF Museum is running a series of free lectures (Cosford but also live streamed): Virtual Lectures - RAF Museum


There is another lecture next month with Dr Sophy Antrobus

Despite the museum’s info which says it is in London, it is at Lancaster University but also live streamed (and free)

This doesn’t have details of the face to face event but I’m sure anyone who is within striking distance of Lancaster will be able to find it!

I’m currently teaching the Air Power syllabus.

Do you reckon they’d listen if I asked them to delay their start time to 1930?

Possibly, if you put some cash behind the college bar for those attending in person?

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i would expect the event to be finished by 1930 and the speaker on their way home if not home by then.

could you record it and then play it back to the Cadets?