Air Operations Acquaintance Centre

Is it just me, or is the AOAC just a posh name for RAC North?

Who’s the Flt Lt in this photo and what is he wearing on his left breast?

I believe so


Not a clue, probably needed a badge as the OC of it…since when did RACs have stand alone “OC’s”

Not sure how they are ‘acquainting’ cadets with F16 ops, given we don’t have any.


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Having been, I can say their hardware and kit is all very good.

However the whole setup and structure is a bit odd.

Why is it badged with a Royal crown and not an Astral crown, has the badge been approved by the normal routes and who paid for it?

can you expand on what it is and does??

Some Gucci f16 sims that they play air combat on

Pretty much.

F16 sims with full cockpit layout and projector screen that they run alleged a2g and a2a training courses on. There’s a pretty standard vr sim set up at a computer desk too.

Pretty much as above, they’ve got 3 f-16 toys and a couple of small desktop setups. The f-16 cockpits are well curated. I asked which FS they use, and was greeted with ‘not sure mate, just some one that the americans use’. So I’m not sure what they actually run on. It looked like a more bespoke P3D.

Probably p3d…since its created for/by Lockheed martin

Looks like an interesting idea! Shame about the very suspect badges, “wings” and uniform…

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Hi to whoever is watching. Perhaps you could dispel the myths instead of just decrying people asking fairly reasonable questions…

Lots of people have questions because lots of people don’t know much about you.

And I’ll put this forward: I heard nothing about AOAC before visiting Linton and I’ve heard nothing since, so maybe you should do something about that and you wouldn’t have questions to complain about.


So instead of coming on here (you dont really know or have intetest in a site like this unless you have an interest in cadetting) and dispelling questions/myth etc, you go on one of the most public platforms and release this kind of statement?, feels a bit too narcissistic for my liking, and I’m sure there are others that’ll feel the same way


Like with most things within the RAFAC there is no visibility to the Why

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now i have seen it I cannot unsee it - and is annoying me more than perhaps it should

Air Operations Aquientance Centre…

You Sir can go play Bingo with phrases like that.

It’s the same nonsence as me changing the name of the cadet mess on Sqn to “XXXXSqn Catering Flight” or calling my 2nd classroom “Tactical knowledge receipt area”.
Or even my office the “Operation Control Centre”.

Get a grip, you’re a RAC/tag on and deliever a course to a few selected cadets.

Also whats with the badge?

More over, why the dodgy flying suits, ‘call signs’ and aviator sunglasses (indoors).


Bunch of wannabees


Are they not doing… “Promote and encourage a practical interest in aviation and the Royal Air Force among young people”…?

Yes, its flight sim dressed up, but its letting cadets have an aviation experience. It does not and will not replace real flying, but its something.


I’m inclined to agree. It fills a much needed gap for those who’s squadrons don’t have access to the skills, knowledge or experience to deliver flight sims effectively. It also goes above and beyond what sqns with flight sims can deliver too!

It seems to deliver everything that RACs should’ve been - albeit with a clumsier title! I just wish there were more of them to backfill the gap left by the absence of VGSs, the 50 weels a year that aerospace camp isn’t on, or the lower level stuff which could inspire cadets and get them moving on to QAIC.

The stuff delivered there could easily underpin lots of the classification training - or broader aviation interest aligned with our principle aims.

Sadly, despite all the good stuff and potential it has as a resource, it does very quickly become derailed by the absence of information (if it’s being done well, share the good practice and inspire others!!), as well as the already noted flight suits, badges and shades.