Air Cadets Sent Home From School For Wearing Uniform

Not sure how many of you have seen this:

Bearing in mind this is the Daily Fail so the accuracy of the article is questionable to start with, if this is true then it’s disgraceful on the school’s part. While I agree schools should enforce uniform rules & the cadets should have sought permission from the school to wear their cadet uniform, they were wearing a form of uniform, they looked smart & I bet they did a better job of raising awareness of the armed forces & Armistice Day than the school did. Could the school have not applied discretion just for the day?


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I think it’s disrespectful what the school has done, we had cadets from my sqn who were asked by their school to attend in uniform! Even though the school tried to get them to wear poppies behind cap badges etc so that they looked more like the ACF.

It’s getting out of hand the way some schools are trying to enforce rules so heavily so that no-one gets offended by it.

i’m with the school - the crux here is permission: school children, or their parents, do not - assuming you actually want a school uniform policy to be effective - get to decide that this or that day is or is not a school uniform day.

end of.

did their OC know and sanction this?

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Of course the biggest disappointment in the whole debacle is the sheer volume of “It’s all to avoid upsetting the Muslims” comments that have flooded in showing ‘support’ for the cadets.

Every time one these morons cries out about being British and what they think ‘the muslims’ should do if they don’t like it, another little part of me dies.

The Headmaster took the only option he could here, in a school you give an inch, the kids will take a mile. Let these kids get away with breaking a rule, and next week everyone will be doing it. How would we like it if the cadets just randomly decided to wear whatever uniform they liked? Such as the situation 6 months ago when cadets started turning up to units in MTP. If one of mine had done that, I would have sent them home.

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Some of the responses to an online article from the local rag that reported this are from (claimed) fellow pupils stating that the cadets/ students in question had been given permission. It was only when they arrived at school that permission appears to have been revoked. So lets see if anything else comes to light…

Ok so if they got permission from the school did they get premission from the ACO??

However if the school didnt say they could then I am with the school we have AP1358c which I expect to be followed by Cadets if I didnt respect the school uniform rules what would that make me??

The biggest problem for the school would have been they looked a damn sight smarter than the rest in their school uniforms.

100% agreed.