Air Cadets Media Style Guide

Did anyone else notice that the ACO Media Style Guide had made a reappearance in the Policy folder on BADER? It still has the wrong logos though :crying:

Do you mean this one? If it is, it appears to have the right logo’s as far as I can tell.

Looking through I have discovered that I need the Colour Logotype, reversed out for use on a dark background. The guide refers to a CD that was sent out, but my WHQ are not aware of a CD. So the question is does anyone have access to this image, or do I need to make contact with the HQAC MCO? I only have the images that are available from the ACO website when they were first produced.

It has the wrong logos. the ‘Air Cadets’ has slanty A’s - compare that with the logo on the Air Cadets web page.

That said, everything else is usable - colour palettes etc.

Anyone with a copy of the style guide to hand can tell me the rules regarding using the logo on a black background? I know I’ve read it before but don’t have it to hand.

I imagine the format will be the same as the RAF Branding guide (pretty sure it’s mentioned in there) - I have a copy of that one…

Top result on google :wink: